Saturday, August 21, 2010

Some Fun Facts

Here is everything (almost(so I lied, get over it)) you need to know about David Gillespie:
1- He was born to a pack of wolves...just kidding. If I was one of those kids, you probably would have shot yourself. Screw stereotypical bloggers. Jesus H. Christ.
2- As you can see, I tend to say somewhat sacreligious things. It happens.
3- As stated in fun fact number 1, I am NOT the stereotype blogger who hangs out at Starbucks blasting Radiohead in his Skullcandy's while he pounds down a triple espresso, thus giving him the attention span to write 17 non-sensical paragraphs on why HIS life is so miserable, and why he no one could ever ever understand in a million YEARS, not even the starving children in Tanzania (I mean come on, his girlfriend broke up with him, it had been two weeks and he was so in love!)
4- As you can see ^ I am also somewhat of a souless bastard. You can (you gueesed it!) get over it.
5- I am absolutely in love with music. No funnies here (sorry folks), because this is for rizzeal. Shit...I did it again.
6- I will (as mentioned in fun fact numero dos) say sacreligious things. THEY ARE JOKES. I believe in Jesus, but as you will read if you continue to follow this lonely blog, it is not a Jesus you have heard of if you grew up in the run of the mill (clothing mill) American church.
7- I get bored easily. Thus, this blog is done. Stay classy San Die...but really, I promise I won't be THAT guy.

From the mind of David Gillespie


  1. haha thank you Jazmin. Even though this post is a grammatical nightmare. Don't worry though, the next few posts will be much more educational and grammatically correct.